[Live] Latrobe

Location: Latrobe City, Australia
Team: Drew Stangel, Nicholas Mitchell, Camille Mahan, Zheming Cai
Status: Masterplan completed in December 2012

Award: Transiting Cities — Low Carbon Futures Competition Shortlisted Finalist
At a large scale, “[Live] Latrobe” creates a strategic plan to redefine Latrobe Valley through shifting energy focus, reprograming land use, and increasing economic diversity. An identity is created through the use of historical context as design precedent and local production of goods to give Latrobe a unique sense of place and make it a travel destination.
Many cities in the world have been established around a singular resource. In Victoria’s Latrobe Valley, dependence on the coal mining industry has created a social and physical structure that is not viable for a healthy future. As the definition of what makes a community successful evolves, cities must be continuously evaluated and new development strategies must be defined in order to ensure a prosperous future.