The Hub - Shore to Core Competition

Location: West Palm Beac, Florida
Team: Theresa O’Neil, Wendy Wang, Jerolim Mladinov,
John Arroyo
Status: Completed in Aug. 2016

The vibrant waterfront in West Palm Beach will offer visitors not just a single destination, but a gateway to discovering the city’s identity and spirit. A dynamic, evolving public art walk/corridor will create points of focus along the existing waterfront and in the alleys around Clematis Street, tying the waterfront into the heartbeat of the district. Visitors can park once and explore on foot, ending up at the Marketplace on Banyan Blvd. Where they can see the latest exhibition, event, or enjoy the view from the roof top park. If we had to describe the Hub in a single word? Energy!

The plan proposes creation of a central civic hub at the Banyan Marketplace, but also scattered outdoor gathering spaces to get people out of their cars and interacting with one another. Strong community networks enhance resilience; engaged citizens invest in their urban environments and in one another. Strong communication and wayfinding help people make the most out of events and spaces. A new plan for the study area will also strengthen physical connections to existing waterfront assets. We envision the waterfront not only as a passive, scenic place, but as a buzzing destination of its own for visitors, residents,
and businesses.